We Build Success.™

  • NSM Insurance Group has built more than $1 billion in premium across 30 specialty insurance programs and brands in the US and UK focused on collector cars; pets; social services and behavioral health; addiction treatment; coastal condominiums; transportation and towing; sports and fitness; professional liability for contractors, architects and engineers; habitational and E&S; staffing; and workers’ compensation.
  • We know what it takes to become masters of a niche market because we’ve been doing it for 30 years. We have the in-depth knowledge, experience and sustainability to build successful specialty insurance programs that meet the unique needs and risks of the industries we serve. We continually work with our trusted carrier partners to build new programs or enhance current ones. Building relationships is at the core of what defines NSM and we keep the interests of our partners top of mind. Our programs are profitable and set everyone up for success — because our success is built on yours.
90% Client Retention Rate
>1 Billion Premium Annually

NSM Program

Development Model™ (Dime)

Develop Step DIME Model

Qualify Industry Opportunity

Our team constantly examines both the insurance and non-insurance marketplaces for ideas and opportunities to grow and expand current programs, to develop new programs, and to acquire existing programs. When our team identifies an opportunity for us to add value within a specific industry that has been overlooked by traditional firms, our analysts perform an exhaustive evaluation of the industry’s insurance needs, including resources available, risk tolerance, safety standards and operational practices.

Identify Risk Exposures

Our analysts determine industry and individual company needs to facilitate the design of a profitable and sustainable program that takes into account all possible risk impact and probability scenarios, risk reduction plans and cost-saving options.

Implement & Underwrite Step DIME Model

Design Industry-specific Coverage

After our analysts have a full understanding of all of the industry’s unique exposures, we craft a specialty insurance program that includes industry-specific coverages and risk mitigation strategies. We do not believe in offering template insurance programs.

Evaluate/Select Optimal Partners

We have a reputation for managing successful industry-specific programs, and have strong relationships with top-rated carriers. This allows us to vet a number of carriers and then identify the perfect partner to deliver the most comprehensive program with the greatest potential for success.

Market Step DIME Model

Create Targeted Campaign

At NSM, we believe that marketing is essential to the success of a new program. We develop a marketing strategy that targets select business markets through our large retail broker network and our program division. As the new program gains momentum, we create a marketing plan that uses every available resource to increase exposure including: advertising, public relations, email marketing, and personal broker contact.

Develop distribution Channels

NSM is able to choose from our numerous distribution channels to customize the distribution plan for new programs. We currently operate in many national and regional industries and we are licensed in all states with access to all major markets.

Establish Broker Associate, Carrier and TPA Communications

We believe our broker associates, carriers and third-party administrators are our partners and are critical to the success of our programs. We don’t simply communicate with our insurance partners, but we establish relationships with them.

Evaluate & Analyze Step DIME Model

Design Enhancement Strategy

We are committed to providing the best service to every broker and insured that we work with. We continuously invite broker feedback and ask them to help us monitor the program and the industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to industry fluctuations and continually modify our program strategy to ensure long-term satisfaction and success.

Implement Corrective Action Plan

When it comes to ensuring the financial success of a single program, NSM knows that every effort is an investment. Our effort is focused on one thing: program success. At times, this means we must implement a corrective action plan to address a change in the industry or our business. We pride ourselves on being agile and our process allows us to take corrective action quickly and efficiently to reduce any interruption in our service or product offerings.

Calculate Profitability

We are focused on developing, implementing, marketing and underwriting profitable niche insurance programs. We not only value our own financial success, but also the success of all of our partners. We constantly re-evaluate the value of our programs to ensure that we are responsive to changing needs of the industries we serve.