How the right risk management procedures can limit liability for addiction treatment

people putting puzzle pieces together

While it might seem obvious that having the appropriate risk management procedures in place can limit your behavioral healthcare client’s liability when it comes to potential claims, we still find that many of our insureds don’t quite realize the extent to which it can actually save them. At ATP, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the behavioral healthcare space, and specifically how we help our brokers provide their clients with not only best-in-class insurance policies, but best-in-class risk management plans as well.

In this video based on a real-life addiction treatment claim, the plaintiff’s lawyer demanded the policy limits be paid after a motor vehicle incident that a patient of our client was involved in. However, our client was able to demonstrate that they had done everything that they were supposed to have been doing from a risk management standpoint, and so they only had to pay the plaintiff $47,000 as opposed to the significantly higher limit.

Watch the video to learn more about the case and why working with an insurance provider that can help you put the right risk management procedures in place can make a world of difference.