Meet the “Growing” NSM Garden Club

Conshohocken Office Garden Club Group Photo

As we like to say at NSM, “we work hard and we play hard” — and that even includes gardening! Started more than 10 years ago, the NSM Garden Club is an employee-led group that practices sustainable gardening as a means of recreation, fellowship and socializing.

Today, the club is led by NSM Internal Auditor, Marlee Bullock, who has been at the helm for the past eight years. Other club members include Kevin Cornell (Program Underwriter), Paul Griffing (Account Executive), Diane Mason (Office & Facilities Manager) and Clinton Smith (Account Manager).

Our large garden is situated on the patio of our Conshohocken headquarters, which was renovated this spring to serve as a welcoming gathering place for our team members to have lunch, mingle and soak up some sunshine. Each year, our Garden Club manages the purchasing, planting, watering and weeding of all the flowers and vegetables — including tomatoes and basil that they turned into a delicious Caprese salad for our entire office.

One of the most notable features of the garden this summer was the giant sunflowers that can be seen in the hallways and kitchen window. Even in light of this year’s heavy rain, these sunflowers weathered the storms (literally) and achieved some tremendous growth!

If you’re an NSM employee and a current or aspiring gardener, the NSM Garden Club is always welcome to new members — and if you’re one of our valued partners and happen to be in town visiting, be sure to check out our lovely patio and garden!