NSM helps bring K9 program back to Newtown Township

K9 Boya smiling while sitting in the grass

It’s the season of giving — and giving back to the communities in which we live and work is a huge part of our culture at NSM. We are proud to have contributed $5,000 to help reintroduce the K9 program for the Newtown Township Police Department.

K9 partners help officers stay safe, work faster and proactively prevent threats to the community. We’re thrilled to announce the Newtown Township Police Department was able to relaunch the program and welcome K9 Boya to the force!

Boya recently completed extensive training with Officer Anthony Kyne, and they are now certified in Patrol and Explosives Detection. Together, Boya and Office Kyne will protect residents, visitors, schools and businesses in Newtown Township. Boya can also assist with tracking missing and endangered persons and tracking people who engage in criminal activity. The duo will perform extensive school checks, foot patrols and weekly business sweeps to ensure the relationship between the police and community is one built on connection, trust and openness.

We are proud of the role we played in bringing back this important program. Learn more about Newtown Township’s K9 program here.