NSM Honors 2023 Crystal Award Winners

Brett Kirsch, Joseph Spinelli and Darryl Vadell holding their crystal awards.

Continuing the tradition since 1991, CEO & Founder Geof McKernan and President Bill McKernan, alongside the entire NSM team, celebrated our employees of the year at two recent Crystal Award ceremonies.  

“Winning an award does not mark the conclusion of an accomplishment, but instead pushes me to want to continue to grow and see where we can take the business from here.”

– Darryl Vadell, KBK Underwriting Manager

Darryl Flexing
Aaron Miller, Brett Kirsch, Darryl Vadell and Brian Atkinson

In April, we hosted a party in New Orleans to recognize Brett Kirsch and Darryl Vadell, Underwriting Managers with our tow & garage program, KBK Insurance Group. Brett and Darryl have been true assets to the KBK team for over two decades — paving the way for significant advancements and growth in the KBK program. KBK is now one of NSM’s largest commercial insurance programs.

“I started my career over 20 years ago with KBK and it’s been an honor to take on new leadership roles where I get to help transform the business and help my colleagues and our agent partners build success.”

– Brett Kirsch, KBK Underwriting Manager

In May, we hosted a party at NSM’s headquarters in Conshohocken, PA to recognize Joe Spinelli, AR Manager in our corporate finance department. Joe was acknowledged for his contributions to building success and improving operational efficiencies and team morale in the finance department at NSM. Since Joe joined the team in 2022, he has showed up every day with a positive attitude and has excelled in improving relationships among team members which has enhanced collaboration in and outside of the office. 

Joe Spinelli flexing with his custom award wrestling belt

“I thrive at NSM because of the culture of creating excellence in everything we do — it is challenging and extremely rewarding.”

– Joe Spinelli, NSM Accounts Receivable Manager

Thank you to Brett, Darryl and Joe for your continuous hard work at NSM. We are grateful for the tremendous contributions you have made to NSM and KBK — you truly embody the meaning behind the Crystal Awards — demonstrating hard work, passion and excellence in everything you do.