The smartest business move freelance writers can make in 2021

woman sitting at laptop

With 2020 officially in the rearview mirror, hopes are running high that 2021 will be a better year all around. As a freelance writer, you can help ensure that’s the case for your business.

You may already have a full plate between crafting content, keeping pace with client deadlines and looking for your next gig. However, there’s one business move that can make a true impact on your bank account and your professional brand, warranting a spot at the top of your 2021 to-dos: getting freelance writer insurance.

Why does this take the cake?

There’s a high level of professional risk inherent in being a freelance writer.

It’s hardly limited to journalists covering high-profile news and events. Defamation, copyright infringement, misrepresentation, errors and plain old mistakes are all very real risks that fall squarely on your shoulders. They can present serious lawsuits, mind-boggling fees and fines, and wreck your reputation — even if you’re not at fault — if you’re not properly protected.

Writer insurance opens the door to new business opportunities.

More and more organizations are requiring freelancers to carry their own professional liability coverage and won’t hire independents without it. This helps protect them against financial losses and any what-ifs in today’s unpredictable, litigious environment.

Professional liability insurance is finally designed to meet the needs of freelance writers.

Having professional liability insurance has always been important, but until recently, it hasn’t provided the coverages or been offered at a price point that’s freelance writer friendly. Now that Freelancers Union has partnered up with our team at Dinghy and NSM Insurance Group, professional liability insurance just for freelance writers is here.

It’s a relatively minor investment for major protection.

New writer insurance plans start at less than $1/day for $100,000 in professional liability coverage. Considering legal defense fees alone can easily top tens of thousands of dollars, and that compensation costs, if you’re found liable, can add hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars to that, it’s a good investment for the protection and peace of mind.

Honestly, it’s really easy to do.

In the words of one freelance writer, “I’d put off applying for professional liability insurance for years because I thought it would be a hassle to apply and I didn’t think many insurance companies would understand what I do. I was amazed at how simple the Dinghy application process was! Within minutes, I had the coverage I needed.”

Forget loads of mind-numbing paperwork and trying to get through to an agent that barely understands what you do, much less the protection you need. You can get a free quote and buy a policy online in minutes by answering a few basic questions about your business.

There’s no better time than the start of a new year to proactively protect your business and set yourself up to win new work. Take advantage of this fresh start and get a jump on making 2021 a productive, prosperous new year.

Freelancers Union is partnering with Dinghy and NSM Insurance Group to introduce first-of-its-kind, affordable professional liability insurance crafted exclusively for freelance writers. Learn more and get a free quote online.