Tornado & Hail Season Safety & Readiness Tips

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In this series, we share information on claims trends as well as tips and resources for our insureds to better protect themselves if they have a claim. This month, we’re diving into an important and timely topic — preparing for tornado and hail season. 

While traditionally hail and tornado season runs from March through July, we experienced tornadoes and hail in December last year, proving these storms can truly happen at any time. This can be a stressful time for insureds as they brace for intense storms with the potential for wind and hail that can damage their property and vehicles. 

Preparation is the key to avoiding or minimizing costly claims and avoiding further damage. Now is the perfect time for agents (and your insureds) to review the important steps to take before, during and after a tornado or hailstorm — as well as what to do after a loss occurs.

Did you know…

  • In 2022, the economic cost of global natural catastrophe events was listed at $360 billion, with $140 billion being covered by private and public insurance entities. 
  • That means that 61% of global disasters were not covered by insurance
  • The global cost was led by the U.S. with $112 billion in natural catastrophe losses and $55 billion being covered by public and private insurance entities.

Agents, if your insured suffers damage to their property as a result of a storm, please inform us immediately.

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