Two NSM leaders recognized by the Admin Awards

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The role of admins at NSM has been revolutionized over the years and now goes far beyond typical executive assistant responsibilities like scheduling meetings and answering phones. Our admins are looked to for higher-level thinking, strategy development, project management and decision-making — enabling them to fully leverage their skills and abilities and form a stronger, more cohesive organization.

It’s no surprise two NSM superstars were recently selected as finalists in the Admin Awards of Philadelphia, the highest honor in the administrative profession.

Headshot of Kiersten Mann with the text Admin Awards Finalist and an image of the award statue in a blue color block
Headshot of Juliana Mignosi with the text Admin Awards Finalist and an image of the award statue in a red color block

Kiersten Mann, Executive Business Partner to the CEO, was named a finalist in the Strategic Partner Award category.

“Kiersten is more than an admin. She truly defines the title of ‘Executive Business Partner,’ as she is a true partner to our CEO Geof McKernan. Geof values her input and insights as a real business consultant because he trusts she has her finger on the pulse of the business and employee culture, engagement, and morale. In a nutshell, Kiersten is truly the ‘Great Connector’ at NSM and many would be lost without her.”

Juliana Mignosi, Executive Assistant to the COO, was selected as a finalist in the Achiever Award Category.

“Juliana is an incredible asset to the NSM team. She comes to work every day with a smile on her face and is a calming presence in a fast-paced work environment, despite the challenges that she may be facing that day. Juliana can pivot and problem-solve without any interference or breaking a sweat.”

We are thrilled to announce Juliana took home the Achiever Award during the virtual ceremony on Saturday, October 23, 2021!

Headshot of Juliana Mignosi with the text Achiever Award Winner and an image of the award statue in a pink color block

These ambitious, talented professionals make NSM a stronger company and better place to work for our team members — and we are truly lucky to have them help lead our company.

You can learn more about the 2021 Admin Awards here.