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PEC staffing captive

Exclusive risk sharing opportunity

A stable, long-term insurance solution

Available through our partnership with a best-in-class, top-rated workers’ comp carrier, the PEC Staffing Captive provides an alternative workers’ compensation option and risk sharing opportunity for independently owned and operated staffing firms.

Why a captive program?

Achieve stability and profitability in a member-owned program with growth-oriented staffing firms.

Membership and eligibility requirements

$150,000 minimum annual workers’ comp premium

March 1 common effective date

Business minimum of three years and maintenance of workers’ comp coverage for three consecutive years

Proactive risk management philosophy and financially stable

Staffing firms located in most states east of the Mississippi

Cooperative in efforts to accommodate physician restrictions

Ability to post collateral, calculated based on a percentage of premium and member ownership

<45% prior three-year incurred loss ratio, based on projected premium

Please note: PEOs are ineligible for this program

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PEC Staffing Captive

Jim Gara, Program Director

One of the country’s leading experts on workers’ compensation insurance, Jim Gara is continually raising the bar for workers’ comp solutions that make agents’ lives easier as he leads the ongoing expansion of Staffing Lines.

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