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Leveraging Risk Management
Tools to Increase Value
In today's marketplace, the acquisition and retention of quality clients is more difficult than ever. Agents must look for new ways to gain an advantage and bring more value to their partnerships with insureds. Below are tips for leveraging risk mitigation value adds to remain competitive in the market.

Risk_Management_Keyboard.jpg1. Align the risk profile of your insured with your risk appetite. Your underwriter at Care Providers can help you review the insureds loss history and unique vulnerabilities to help you select the best risk mitigation tools to recommend. Knowing this information will also help your clients guide spending, allocate resources strategically, and take a proactive stance on risk management.

2. Create a value proposition. This includes the additional value added resources besides insurance coverage that you can offer to your clients to help them run their business safely. Providing your clients with proactive service platforms shows that you have tangible value even before a claim happens. Risk management tools like background checks, consultations, and trainings encourage your insureds to bring risk-mindful decision making into the culture of the business management.

3. Act as a risk consultant. Today, selling insurance alone is not enough to remain competitive. So often, nonprofits and social service organizations are unable to afford a dedicated risk strategy. Your clients need sound advice on strategy for controlling exposures as well as free or low-cost loss control resources. This provides you the opportunity to set yourself apart by not only acting as their insurance broker, but also as their risk consultant.

The team at Care Providers is committed to helping your clients reduce the risks associated with running their organization. In addition to providing specialized insurance to protect the nonprofit and social services industry, we offer a variety of free or discounted loss control and risk mitigation tools designed to help your clients avoid costly claims. For more information, visit us online at www.ins-cps.com, or contact Randall Hedlund, Program Director at rhedlund@nsminc.com or 800-761-7072 x1310.


Loss Control:
Value Added Resources


We understand the unique exposures that social service and nonprofit organizations face. To help these organizations mitigate risk, we have partnered with industry leaders to offer your clients access to loss control and risk mitigation tools.Listed below are some key products that you can offer to your insureds when you work with Care Providers.

Discounted Criminal Background Checks by Praesidium
This comprehensive background check package is designed specifically for social service organizations. The insured can purchase reports at the discounted rate of $9.95 each.

On Demand Webcast Library
A wide selection of informational webcasts is available to clients at any time for complimentary viewing. Topics include auto safety, general liability tips, and more.

Armatus Internet- Based Abuse Training
User-paced activities help train staff in methods designed to reduce the risk of abuse of a vulnerable child or adult in the organization's care.

For a full list of loss control resources, contact Program Director Randy Hedlund at 800-761-7072 x1310.


Coverages Designed for Nonprofits


Nonprofits have unique exposures that require specific coverages. Our team is dedicated to providing your insured with a custom policy that matches their individual needs. Some of these key coverages are listed below.

Social Services Auto Enhancements
A volunteer gets in an auto accident while working on behalf of your insured and needs help covering his deductible. This enhancement provides help for damages that volunteers may incur while using their vehicles for the organization.

Donation Assurance Coverage
This coverage is suitable for instances where a person makes a written pledge to donate funds or tangible property but does not follow through due to bankruptcy or unemployment that lasts at least 90 days.

Crisis Response Coverage
This coverage includes reimbursements fro the named insured in the event of a crisis. For example, your clients' nonprofit is the victim of a violent act by an employee or visitor in the workplace.

What Our Agents Have to Say About:
Value Adds

"Now that Care Providers offers loss control and risk mitigation resources, I am able to put my clients in the best situation possible and offer more value in our partnerships. A lot of brokers don't have in-house claims, loss control, and risk management solutions. You make it easy for us."

-Adam Sammons, Independent Agent


Risk Management Insights
Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls

It has probably happened to you. A slip on ice, a trip over a loose cable no the floor, or even a fall down the stairs. Slip, trip and fall accidents can happen anywhere at any time, and your clients may be one trip away from a substantial loss.

Slips, trips and falls account for an estimated 15% of all accidental deaths per year, and nearly 25% of all reported injury claims. Remind your clients that they can reduce the risks of these costly claims with these tips from our partner at the Social Service Agencies of Texas and Texas Church Groups, underwritten by Texas Mutual Insurance.

Fall Prevention Tips

- Clean up all spills immediately - Stay off freshly mopped floors
- Secure electrical cords - Use non-skid materials under rugs
- Have a safe shoe policy - Install handrails on staircases
- Adequately light hallways - Remove clutter from walking areas

Ladder Safety Tips

- Inspect ladders regularly - Never stand on chairs or boxes 
- Climb down one rung at a time - Place the base on a firm, solid ground
- Always keep three points of contact
  with the ladder
- Use a tool belt - don't climb with
  tools in hand

We share in our partners belief that upfront investments in workplace safety minimize losses and keep employees safe. For more information, visit Texas Mutual.

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