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As a behavioral healthcare leader, choosing your organization’s insurance provider is one of the single most important business decisions to make. Not only is insurance likely one of the biggest items on your balance sheet, protection that’s truly specialized for the unique, ever-changing risks you face is critical for your organization — and your clients.

Want to ensure you’re working with THE leading behavioral healthcare insurance provider?

Ask your broker/agent about ATP.

ATP was launched in 2006 to answer a major market need for organizations like yours and has been the trusted authority for behavioral healthcare insurance ever since. We work with brokers and agents to insure addiction treatment facilities, outpatient mental health facilities, methadone clinics/opioid treatment providers, sober living homes and other programs large and small across the U.S.

ATP At-A-Glance:

  • Leading insurance and risk management solutions built specifically for behavioral healthcare
  • Available for non-profit and for-profit organizations
  • Unmatched behavioral healthcare risk management expertise
  • Best-in-class coverage
  • Competitive pricing
  • Cost-saving strategies
  • 96% account retention

ATP is a proud partner of:

American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, Inc.
National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers
National Alliance for Recovery Residences

Explore ATP’s Leading Behavioral Healthcare Insurance Solutions

We work exclusively through insurance brokers/agents. Fill out the form below — or ask your broker/agent to get in touch with us — and we’ll be happy to provide more information about our program.

Ask for ATP: The Leader in Behavioral Healthcare Insurance

Krista Mayes
ATP Program Director

[email protected]

Why partner with ATP?