Hurricane Preparedness 

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In this series, we share information on claims trends as well as tips and resources for our KBK insureds to better protect themselves if they have a claim. This month, we’re diving into an important and timely topic — hurricane preparedness.

September begins the height of hurricane season. This can be a stressful time for insureds as they brace for intense storms with the potential for flooding and winds that can damage their property and vehicles.

This is especially relevant for tow truck operators, as their trucks may be utilized to tow disabled vehicles out of flooded areas. What’s more, businesses offering repairs or used car sales are likely to store vehicles on their property that may be exposed to the elements and put at risk of damage or loss.

Hurricane preparation is the key to avoiding or minimizing costly claims. Now is the perfect time for agents (and your insureds) to review the important steps to take before, during and after a hurricane — as well as what to do after a loss occurs.

In this issue:

What to Do Before a Hurricane

  • How to Compile a Business Inventory Checklist
  • Six Tips to Help Prepare Your Business for a Hurricane

What to Do During a Hurricane

  • Five Tips for Staying Safe
  • Generator Safety

What to Do After a Hurricane

  • Dangers to Avoid
  • How to Assess Damages
  • How and When to File a Claim

Agents, if your insured suffers damage to their property as a result of a storm, please inform us immediately. Submit claims to our TPA, North American Risk Services (NARS), via email at [email protected].

Disclaimer: The information and recommendations in this blog are not legal advice and are not intended to constitute legal advice. If anyone reading any part of this blog believes that they want legal advice or need legal advice, they should seek legal counsel with lawyers who are licensed to practice law in their State. The recommendations in this blog are for general informational purposes only. 

As a benefit of partnering with KBK Insurance Group, Wayne is available as a resource to help agents and their insureds at any time! Wayne can assist in many ways, from reviewing manuals to visiting a site to discuss loss mitigation.

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